Full service special transportation solutions lienminhLMT [LMT Special Transport Solutions.,JSC], is a brother of lienminhINDUSTRIES, we serve in heavy duty industrial logistic business. We stand out for our SAFETY records and our challenge-based operating system. We thrive in providing full service logistic solutions in transporting special cargo and super heavy cargo across territories of Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. Explore more


About lienminhLMT

Transportation Solution for your product

About lienminhLMT now is an official partner of more than 10 logistics firms in Vietnam and the region, implementing special transportation and logistics projects across the country and the Indochina (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia). With a long-term vision on specialized transport project, heavy duty transportation project in Vietnam, lienminhLMT quickly grasp the opportunity to orient to properly invest in equipment and personnel according to European standards to serve wind power/ heavy industry projects with high rigor, safety regulations and operations.

The goal of us is to become the leader of Heavy-Duty transportation industry in Indochina.

Our Values

our values

What makes us Different

Building strong human in our team

Safety is our highest priority

Constantly upgrading our system of solutions toward new challenges

Committing in building a network of trusted partners and alliances.



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