Our people

Our People


Like its parent company, lienminhGROUP, lienminhLMT relies on strong and broad human values that fuel the dedication and the passion of each staff member.

Working at lienminhLMT is not just any other jobs. Here people share a deep commitment to the work they do and a desire to excel by building craftsmanship and dedicating their talents. We love the challenges of the industry and the equipment that comes with it. Across all disciplines, ages and cultures, one common theme is that we all have a sense of belonging to something bigger than ourselves; something that moves us.

Our customers demand excellent performance, and so do we. We believe excellent performance can only be achieved through team effort. Everybody is expected to take his role in the team and bring maximum contribution. In a team, diversity drives performance; people build on each other’s strengths and step up to compensate shortcomings. We move as one.

Core values brought to life by our employees

All lienminhLMT staff members nationwide bring the values of boldness, initiative, imagination and integrity to life. These values support our ambitions and guide our actions day after day.

BOLDNESS: we are confident, courageous and committed to exceeding all expectations

INITIATIVE: we are dare to take bold initiatives to keep on moving forward

IMAGINATION: we are agile and creative and we constantly adapt to be the best in our field

INTEGRITY: everything we do is informed by an innate sense of responsibility and respect for others