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Think safe. Act safe. And be safe.

All our activities integrate high standards of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) as we consider same as being an entire part of our operation process. By offering a direct or indirect high level of QHSE on field, we create a safe working environment in all respects. We consider it is our responsibility to ensure that all operations are conducted under efficient QHSE rules covering also partners and subcontractors that are part of the job.

Our aim is also to be able to permanently improve our QHSE policy thus matching industry change or new challenge in our range of service. All this is done through the issuance of regular new objectives and continuous improvement.

With the state of the transport equipment and through integrated best practices in QHSE, we provide - safe, innovative and reliable solutions for Logistics and Heavy Transportation.

Maintain in-house safety manual, safety handbook and environment management guide in our QHSE management system

Set policy concerning QHSE in heavy equipment rental business defining risk with applicable control measures

Compliance to DAC accredited ISO certifications

Maintain the highest practical standards of safety, occupational health and protection of the environment

Committed to employee training to ensure competence in work safety

Develop and implement risk mitigation, emergency and evacuation procedures

Ensure environmentally friendly storage of material and disposal of waste